Month: August 2019

How And Why You Should Pick The Right Escort

Escorts are people who are interested in selling their time to you in exchange for money. Some of them are sex workers, and some of them are not. The mistake that most of us commit is that most of us assume that every escort is a sex worker; that is certainly far from the truth. Some escorts are only interested in selling their time. That means sex is not involved. You are buying time with them in order …

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Facts About Escorts – Adams Guide 101

The industry of Escorting is one such industry where a lot of secrets and misconceptions exist. The rest of the world have formed their facts about escorts, which cannot be classified as the truth. So to clear the air of misconceptions, we bring you some of the facts which you didn’t know about escorts.


The Legality


The factor of legality is one thing which people have been confused about for a long time now. The profession …