First Impressions Count

When you meet someone for the first time, it is imperative that you make a good impression. First impressions count because you will be subconsciously judged within seconds. Based on how you first present yourself. In seconds, the person you meet will make an assumption of your character from the way you are dressed, your body language and how you greet them. Depending on the occasion, a handshake or kiss on the cheek may appear inappropriate. It is recommended that handshakes are for first time business meetings and kisses are for dates, or someone you have spoken to via social media. However, a smile and eye contact are essential types of body language to make any first impression count. When a person makes an initial bad impression of you, it can be difficult to change that opinion. Therefore, if you do not make a good first impression, it could be their last impression.

To make a good first impression, make an effort and show yourself at your best. To get the approval of the person who you are meeting, dress appropriately for the occasion. If you are a female; style your hair, apply makeup and have your nails done. Wear perfume, so that overal,l you have taken pride into your personal hygiene. Unfortunately, how attractive you appear will be taken into account of how others perceive you. The way you look on the outside is the number one factor for making first impressions count. It is the very first thing a person will notice about you. Followed by quickly being summed up by your general emotional state.

Unfortunately meeting someone for the first time is more nerve wrecking than someone whom you already know. This means you are being observed by the way you look and act in that very moment. So, if you are a shy person, they could be fooled by the first impression that you portray. First impressions are snap judgements that count for a future relationship. It is possible to fall in love at first sight or instantly connect with a person. But further into the future, you realise that your first impression was incorrect. However, when you make a good first impression, a door is left open to get to know the person better. When you make a bad first impression, the door is closed to get to know the person better. Hence why, first impressions count!